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Flame Proof Motors IN DELHI, INDIA

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Range : The Motors are available from 63 to 315 and in 2 pole to 16 pole design. Applications : Flame proof ( explosion proof or increased safety)motors suitable for zone 1 and zone 2 areas for gas group I , IIA , IIB and IIC are approved by CMRI , CCOE , BIS and DGMS ( IIC on request only) Brake motors , CoolingTower motors. Double shaft , Special shaft. Multi speed. Dual voltage / Dual Frequency Crane duty / Lift duty suitable for S1 to S9 , duty different C.D.F. and various no of starts / stops / reversals. Suitable for different service factors. Suitable for VVVF operation NEMA and IEC frames. II C Flame proof motors of full range (63-280 Frames).

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