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Features :-Low Main


Features :- Low Maintenance Easy to Operate Longer service life. Specifications (As per ISO 2858/DIN 24256) :- Capacity up to 250 m3/hr Temperature up to 350ºc TDH up to 95 mlc Working Pressure up to 20 Bars Delivery Size up to 100 mm. Speed – n- :- 960/1450/2900 rpm Industries Covered:- Pharmaceuticals & Chemical :- Oil Extraction plants Pulp & Paper Industries :-Waste Oil Refining Plants Starch Industries :- Air-Conditioning Heating plants Effluent Treatments Plants :-Cooling Tower water Circulation Dyes & Intermediates :- Solvent Transfer Ro & DM Water Plants: - Thermic Fluid Circulation. Material Of Construction:- Pumps are manufactured in variety of materials such as Carbon steel / WCB As per ASTM / DIN Standards Stainless steel as per ASTM A 351/743 Gr. CF8/CF8M Carbon Steel (WCB) / Alloy Steel Cf-8 , CF-8M CF-3 ,CF-3M (SS-316L) , Alloy 20 , CD4MCu

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