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Vertical Submerged Pump in Delhi, India.

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Vertical Centrifugal process pump can be used in any installation or specially where the saving of space is important factor and most important where liquid is difficult to lift because of nature like temp , corrosiveness etc These pump are designed for use where the liquid handled to be is of highly corrosive Nature or where non – adherence of product or zero metallic contamination is must These pumps are equally ideal for continuous or intermittent service for handling Corrosive as well as ultra pure chemicals without fear of corrosion or contamination High Temperature services: Maximum working temperature is 110 C / 200 C. Length: Pumps lengths available from 1’ to 12’ with flow rate up to 50m3/h or 120 meter head. Higher capacities and head available on request and even multistage pump can be also made. Models: Available in conventional or tailor-made configuration. Several models such as suction extension with float switch, duplex pumping station with float switch (auto on/off device) also available. SPECIAL FEATURES:-: • Bearing free design for handling abrasives in solutions. • Motors are flange mounted single or three phase TEFC from 1 HP to 100 HP . • Epoxy / Polyurethane paints are used on metallic bearing housing. • Radial vanes on backside of impeller increase flow or fluids through the sleeve bearing preventing overflow at top of column. • Lubrication of bearings by product itself or by fresh water. • All models operate at 1450 rpm / 2900 rpm (Variable speed motor available ) • Specially designed vapor seal provided to protect bearing from corrosive fumes • Dynamically balanced impeller APPLICATION FIELDS :- These pumps are in extensive use in the fields of • Pollution Control. • Filtration . • Transferring Corrosive Chemicals . • Slurries . • Bio gas plants. • Sewage. • Waste water treatment plant. • Phosphoric Acid Plant. H,PO,H2SIFs,H2SO4,HF And . Their Mixtures. • Gas washing plant . • Scrubbed liquids containing , F,CL,SO2,Ammonia • Water treatment plant . • Any types of acidic water lifting . • M.S Vertical pump are used for transfer of sulphuric acid 98 %. OLUM,CLOTO,NEPTHA ADVANTAGES OF VERTICAL SUBMERGED PUMP: • No mechanical seal or stuffing box required • Construction withstand corrosion & erosion • No foot valve required to lift from negative suction • No leakages problem just like gland or mechanical seal • Normal maintenance • Easy alignment

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