Industrial Mud Pumps in Delhi Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit Brand Malhar Head 26mtr Max Max Flow Rate 9LPS Model MP2A We provide a qualitative range of Mud Pumps , which are immensely used in construction, agriculture, waste water management and many other industries. These Mud Pumps are primarily reciprocating plunger devices designed for circulation of drilling fluid down the drill string and back up the annulus. Our range of pumps are suitable for pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids & solids and also in swimming pool. Manufactured using latest technology, these pumps are high performing, abrasion resistant, easy to install and have long service life. Special Features Excellent quick automatic priming action without foot valve up to 8 mtrs. Automatic air release during priming. Back pull out design, so easy maintenance without disturbing pipe lines. Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure less vibrations. Better efficiency because of good hydraulic design. Minimum parts, fast repairing at low cost, Also pump is available at economical rate, Available in Bare, Coupled, Monobloc, Belt driven & Engine driven version. Also offered pump with trolley / trailer to move it from one place to another, Monobloc pumps can be able to with stand with wide voltage fluctuations, Pumps can be fitted with mechanical seal as per customer's requirements Less expensive & easily available spares. Very simple construction, only two moving parts Easy inspection of impeller. Large diameter solids handled . up to GO mm High resistance, to abrasive liquids the wear plate is easily replaced and wear plate and impeller are also available with ceramic coating Easy to install:- only the suction hose is immersed in the liquid, The pump can be set up high and dry in the most convenient position for inspection and maintenance. Long Life :- The parts subject to wear can be easily replaced one or more times to restore the original performance. Application Public utilities : For pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids, solid and in swimming pool. Dewatering Basements, Trenches, Construction sites Onboard shift, as bildge, for desk wash & engine cooling. Tiles & Marble factories, effluent plants. Mobile Machinery : Cooling water for marine engines and shovels Any application where priming is to be avoided, Industry : Transfer of clean 01 dirty neutral, acid or alkali liquids containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; clean or dirty low viscosity petroleum products or solvents; milk of lime, caustic soda; washing, cooling, circulation; smoke scrubbing; emergency duty. Civil engineering : Flood drainage; sewage pumping; fire fighting; recovery of dangerous liquids. Naval duty: Loading and unloading; bilge pumping; washing, fire fighting, stripping, sanitary duty and circulation, Waste treatment: Pumping polluted, hot or corrosive waste water containing sand, mud or solids in suspension; dosing neutralising liquids; pumping out settled sludge. Construction industry : Dewatering excavation, canals or ponds; ground water dewatering with wellpoint systems or drains; water supply from wells or canals; hosing down concrete castings. Agriculture : Surface irrigation; liquid manure oxygenation; transfer and spraying liquid manure or fertilisers, distribution of liquid animal feed; transfer of must; washing.

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